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Published on April 30th, 2015 | by theROSAry


FreshHipHop.net Exclusive with YRS Jerzy

FreshHipHop.Net exclusive with YRS Jerzy!

Today FreshHipHop.Net got the pleasure of speaking with up and coming music mogul & producer YRS Jerzy. If you haven’t heard by now he used to go by DJ YRS Jerzy but changed it to YRS Jerzy a couple days ago. FreshHipHop.Net sat down with YRS Jerzy to get full details on his name change, next ventures and more.

You currently go by YRS Jerzy but used to go by DJ YRS Jerzy, so tell the world why the name change?

I felt like it was time to make that move because its a better look for me overall. When i had “DJ” in front if my name i was kind of put in that “DJ” category ad that’s not what i’m trying to really push anymore. With having DJ in your name some people automatically think your just a DJ and that’s all you do but that’s not the case with me. I do alot in the industry behind the scenes and publicly and i just felt like it was time to make that move and take it out of my name. There is alot to happen in the future under my YRS Jerzy name just keep following me and stay tuned.

Who is YRS Jerzy and what do you do for and in the music industry?

I am a up and coming music mogul which means i don’t just do one particular thing. Like for an example rappers just don’t rap and perform but that’s all you see. With me being an up and coming music mogul i work with alot of artists and do alot of what isn’t really seen sometimes. I get people exposure to the masses which is what i’m building my self up to be also. When people see me they ask me this all the time like “what do you do” i just laugh because if i them you everything i did do they wouldn’t understand anyway. I just keep working and building i know what’s about to happen with my career and i don’t have time to sit around and explain certain things.

I’m sure you wouldn’t ask people like Russell Simmons, Diddy, etc. what they do so i just find it funny just because this is the come up doesn’t mean that your not out here grinding. You just have to pay close attention to what i really do to understand what’s going on.

What exactly does the “YRS” in your name stand for? Alot of people are interested in what it stands for.

YRS stands for “Young Rich Successful” its just the lifestyle i’m building and getting ti everyday it’s really not a team or camp or anything like that its a lifestyle. When you up and on the move thats how you need to feel Young Rich Successful even if your older age is just a number you as young as you feel. There are alot of people in tuned with the vision i’m just YRS Jerzy don’t really see the need to be in a group. The people want me for me and that’s how i like it to be.

What is the correct pronunciation for your name if anyone that still for some reason isn’t hip to you yet?

The correct way to pronounce YRS Jerzy is “Why” – “Are” – “Es” Jersey. Didn’t know people would confuse it and say “Years” (Laughs) it’s kind of funny to hear that when i go back and listen to my old interviews.

How have your fans accepted the name switch? (Even though it was just two letters)

I’m getting texts from people, tweets, DMs, messages etc. from people that tell me they have been calling me YRS Jerzy even before the name change (Laughs). It’s been great feedback from everyone there’s just alot more in store and bigger and better things to happen in the future. One day everyone will see this vision i have now and that day is coming sooner than you think.

What’s next for YRS Jerzy?

I have a tour i’m going on with my artist Chox-Mak that will be hosted by Power 98’s Quill which starts in Lakewood, OH May 23rd. Everything i have coming up you can find online i keep all the fans up to date with what i have coming up next. Make sure to check out Hip-HopVibe.Com and look out for anymore updates. There’s alot in the works trust me when i say i will be making alot more happen in these next couple months.

Thanks for an amazing interview it was great speaking with you. Let everyone reading where they can find you on social media.

You can find me on Instagram/Facebook @YRSJerzy and you can find me on twitter @IAMYRSJERZY anywhere you look up YRS Jerzy you’ll find me! That goes for sound cloud etc.


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