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Published on June 15th, 2015 | by Derek


Classic City Records @ccr_Teamss (T.E.A.M SS) newest single Tell em Naw

Classic City Records is a local indie label out of Athens, GA that consists of Maniac, MadMan, TL, and Picasso (Also known as T.E.A.M). The label is proud to announce the new group’s first single since signing with the label titled “Tell Em Naw.”. T.E.A.M SS is a rap group out of Athens, GA who recently signed a deal with Classic City Records, LLC. The group consists of two upcoming artists that go by the name of Loyal and 3ft. Justin “Loyal” Smith is a rapper and songwriter who was born and raised in Athens, GA. He began writing music at the young age of 14, but it wasn’t until September of 2014 in which he really started pursuing music as a career. Loyal is very confident in his craft and he knows that with a little hard work and a few connections that he can reach the top. The goal is to be a household name. When asked what he can bring to the table, Loyal will tell you that it is his open book lyrics, great delivery, and punch lines that make him a lyrical genius. Loyal is an all-around hard worker and true entrepreneur, with dreams of being more than just a musician. He has dreams of also changing lives in our community either through his lyrics, or by sparking the imagination of someone that can make a change in today’s society. It’s safe to say Loyal is in this for the long run and will have a long and prosperous career with the help of hard work and dedication. Much like Loyal, Keefie O’Bryant Johnson also known as “3 ft” is an inspiring artist out of Athens, GA who has visions of greatness. When asked what makes him unique, many will tell you that it is his lyrical content that also possesses a southern bounce. He was born in Athens, but moved to Maryland at a young age. During his stay in Maryland, his style was enhanced and his interest in music grew much larger. Keefie “3 foot” currently has four mixtapes under his belt. Those mixtapes are titled, Da Return, 3D, Kuntry Coolin, and his most recent, “I AM Derrick”. “I AM Derrick” which was made in dedication to his late brother, is perhaps his most unique mixtape. 3 foot is currently working on his first full length album while consistently flooding the streets with new lyrical content. 3 foot is destined to have a very prosperous career thanks to his hustle and determination to succeed.

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Twitter Link: @ccr_Teamss
Instagram: DaTeamSS

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