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Published on June 29th, 2015 | by Derek


MDolla “I Heard It All ft. Big Baby” New Single

The year was 2005, and I was working in a local barbershop. The shop would hold a free style battle each and every friday, but this particular friday would change my life. The music glared from the speakers and vibrated the barbershop floor. Indeed, it seemed as if every local MC was presents that day. “Big Mike” Stevens was the person in charge of the music, so he made sure everything was right. More importantly, everything just felt perfect and the vibe and the energy set the tone. Shortly after, Shannon “Ned” Taylor came in yelling, “My Italian Friend Will Kill Everything In Here”!! The entire shop paused for a minute, and began to stare in disbelief. Meanwhile, the other rappers kept free styling, and just ignored all the commotion. So, a slender Italian kid comes in, who slightly resembled Tom Cruise, and he utters.. I got next!! The beat dropped, and he begin rhyming and flipping his flow with every beat. Of course, by me being so engulfed in music, and being able to recognize talent, I knew he was a star. Immediately after, I offered him a haircut, and I ask him where he was from, and he said Pennsylvania Mic Check possesses a unique lyrical ability, that’s very rare. Not to mention, he also has a natural authentic underground sound. Needless to say, I’ve been very fortunate to observe the maturation of his music and his growth as an artist.

This year MDolla has released a successful mixtape, “MDollaVol1”. This project is featured on top sites such as hiphopsince1987 to After doing over 20K in plays and 5K in downloads the PA native emcee released “I Heard It All” ft. Big Baby. MC and Str8Biz teamed up with Rudimental Records(Canada) for the single. Since the release the single is in rotation on 1047FM Rhythm , 1055 VIBE and more. The reception has been phenomenal. With the uproar online and offline MDolla is working his way up the ranks. Stay tuned for the video and the next single “ZONE” coming soon.

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